We're a Matcha

A Food Lover's Encounter with Maccha in the Kitchen and a Look at Local Maccha Food Awesomeness

Why is it Green?

Why is it green? The first question I was asked when I presented my dessert at a dinner party. Historically green color in food isn’t the most appetizing element. Green can mean not ripe, not ready or new. An orange in your car turns a lovely shade of green after you forget about it for some time. There’s also drinking beer with green food dye in it when you’re nineteen, and the sinking feeling of regret the next day.  (Both examples were not inspired by personal experience.  Not even a little bit I swear). Some backstory: I’ve said before that my husband is the real cook in our family, and this is very true.  I am a food lover on all accounts. I love eating it, learning about it, writing about it. I am curious and excited about food. But the honest truth is that if you look for me in the kitchen I will be there, but with a glass of wine sitting on our bar stool wafting the delicious smells coming from the stove. It’s not that I can’t prepare a meal, I have been known to do that. It’s just that my husband is the chef in our house. So you can understand that the question “why is it green” with the sideways glance comes with love, but also genuine concern from my brother’s skeptical eyes, spoon in hand.

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