Foodie in the Outdoors- Choux Choux in a Canoe

If you're from the West Coast you probably have an affinity for the outdoors. Whether hiking, paddling or riding is your game everyone and their dog loves to get outside.  After all that exercise you get hungry right? So you grab a handful of nuts and a protein bar and call it a day? ..... Well If you're like me, you like to romanticize these moments with delicious food and drink; a protein bar just isn't gonna cut it. If you want to do better than "it'll do" food on your next adventure see below:

Buy Local

Luckily in Victoria BC there are many great places to go if you want to give your afternoon a foodie touch. One of my favourite spots  is Choux Choux Charcuterie and I paid them a visit before our recent afternoon paddle. I love Choux Choux for the detail and love they put into their house made products. Tip- if you don't want to build your own picnic, Choux Choux offers a "Famous Picnic" option for the reasonable price of $24.00.

Pâté and Meat

I particularly am obsessed with their housemade Porcini Mushroom Pâté, so much so that the running joke at my house is that my husband needs to "supervise" me on Choux Choux visits so I "don't get out of hand." (Deliciousness aside, we do have a mortgage and have to be SOMEWHAT reasonable). So needless to say I bought some Porcini Pâté for our canoe picnic. As for meat we went with the housemade Choux Choux Venison & currant. Tip- if the tag says "Choux Choux" on the top you know the product is made in house.


Choux Choux also has an outstanding selection of cheeses; you can always trust them to choose the best. The staff are very helpful when you're making your selection and will happily offer a taste to help in your cheese navigation process. We went with St. Ambois from Quebec- a Beerwashed cow's milk cheese with hints of hay and hops, The Brillat Savarin Truffe from France- Pasturised cow milk truffle cream, triple rich and decadent, and Delice de bourgogne from Burgundy, France- super rich triple cream.


Pâté , Meat and Cheese- Check. Next we needed some delicious local bread. Luckily we have the pleasure of living in Vic West, home to two of my favourite bakeries in the city: Fry's Bakery, a family run wood-fired sourdough bakery on Craigflower road and Fol Epi,  organic bread and pastry found at Dockside Green. For this canoe trip we went with Fry's delicious baguette and Sourdough Sandwich loaf.

Canoe Can-do 

I've got my delicious local product, and I'm feeling pumped. Canoe? Can-do! We hit the road canoe strapped down to the roof safely this time (if you've had the experience of the "ol' canoe slide" en route to the lake you know not to make this mistake twice). We had a beautiful west coast paddle on our local Thetis Lake- I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Picnicking Dangerously- Don't Flip The Canoe!

If you're going to attempt a mid paddle canoe lunch, make sure your canoe partner is comfortable with it. Communication is key here folks, if you start to get "I'm not so sure about this" facial expressions shooting your direction perhaps it's best to bring that picnic on shore for a pre or post paddle chow down. Our mouthwatering shots of our canoe picnic:


Pack in Pack Out

It may seem like common sense but always a good reminder-if you're bringing food and drinks into our outdoors take all garbage with you. Help us keep our beautiful backyard clean :) 



It's days like these that I feel so blessed. Good food, memorable moments and west coast serenity. Thank you to the people behind the delicious food at Choux Choux Charcuterie and Fry's Bakery

Through food we share life's moments.

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